Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuesday - Leviticus 14 - Response to Healing

In a continuation from the last chapter, we find now the proper response that was expected from anyone who experienced healing from leprosy (or from some similar problems in a person's body, clothing or house).  The most significant thing about this chapter is the fact that there was an assumption or presupposition that healing was even possible. Leprosy is not typically thought of as a curable ailment. Of course, by application, neither is depravity. Depravity, when rightly evaluated, is an incurable spiritual disease; a birth defect passed down from Adam himself... untreatable by any natural means.  However, with God, all things are possible.

After being healed, a healthy x-leper was to offer a couple of possible combinations of 2 male lambs, 1 female lamb, flour, oil and 2 doves or pigeons (depending on his financial station) which were to serve variously as trespass, sin, meat and burnt offerings. Just like in the ritual that went with the consecration of the priests into service, the extremities of the healthy worshipper was supposed to have been touched with blood from the trespass offering, evidently to demonstrate both that every part of the individual was sinful and that every part was also wholly sanctified. Other rituals accompanied all of this including reverential uses of the oil which (we have previously discussed) represented the gladsome presence of the Spirit of God in all of this.

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