Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thursday - Leviticus 15 - Blood Borne Pathogens

Here Moses gave a big spill (pardon the pun) to his people on the uncleanness of body fluids. Under the Levitical law, cleanness was obviously paramount. Both men and women were instructed concerning all sorts of ceremonial uncleanness that resulted from coming into contact with various body fluids. In some cases, this chapter is so explicit that it's uncomfortable even discussing it, yet the code of cleanness was specific and important for the Jews in those days. One thing is for sure, the claim that one way or another the Bible addresses any and every issue that you can possibly imagine is certainly illustrated vividly in this chapter.  And, while we are no longer under those laws, it is interesting to see just how strict the program was back in those days.

Ironically, in the OT men were made ceremonially unclean by coming into contact with certain body fluids, yet our souls are made perfectly clean by the blood of Jesus Christ. Being washed in the blood of Christ (spiritually) removes our uncleanness.  There is no way of being made clean apart from His blood.

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