Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday - Leviticus 17 - Blood

God was blocking off a problem by issuing this injunction.  See, there was a habit of occultist devotion that the Israelites had evidently picked up over the generations in Egypt. The evil practice was associated with eating meat (a practice very rare during the Exodus and wilderness wandering; see Numbers 11:4) - they ate mostly manna. But when they did kill animals for food God required them to sanctify their meat at the door of the Tabernacle so that they would not be tempted to kill it before the devil's imps (Leviticus 17:7).

When Able was killed, God said it was his blood that cried out for justice (Genesis 4:10). When God instituted human government by authorizing capital punishment it was the blood of victims that He used to justify the measure (Genesis 9:5). It was a blood plague that commenced the ten Egyptian persuasions (Exodus 7:20).  It was blood that was used to preserve the Hebrews when the angel of death was slaying all of the eldest Egyptians (Exodus 12:13). It was blood that dominated the Tabernacle system of worship. And, to skip way ahead, it was blood that sealed the New Covenant for us; Christ's blood (I Peter 1:18-19).   No wonder the apostles maintained this OT directive even after the illumination of grace (Acts 15:20 and 29; 21:25).

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