Friday, April 29, 2016

Friday - Exodus 28 - The Priestly Wardrobe

Aaron was to be the first Levite to serve as Israel's high priest unto God. His four sons were also to be priests of God and were to represent the people before Jehovah. Because they were set apart to do a very special, sacred and unique job, they were to be issued special uniforms. The high priest specifically had a rather elaborate and highly symbolic garb that he was required of God to wear as he ministered to the Lord (Exodus 28:4).

The garments were to be made by spirit filled tailors (Exodus 28:3). God literally blessed some of the Israelite people with acute abilities as clothing craftsmen so that when He needed someone to make these special garments, they would be available to do it. This should encourage all of us greatly. God blesses every believer with some particular ability which He can use in the advancement of His kingdom. These talents are not bestowed upon us for our own benefit, though we do benefit... they are imparted so that we might be useful to our Master and so that we can be used by Him to be a blessing to others.

Think about this. The ability to sew well was and is as much of a product of God's special blessing as the ability to sing well, give abundantly, witness effectively, lead, organize or any other talent that might get more attention and respect than sewing. God will judge us according to our abilities and His expectations, not according to someone else's abilities and expectations (II Corinthians 8:12). Every good gift and every perfect gift is a gift from God - be it ever so large or small... it is to be used for Him.

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