Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday – Exodus 15 – Moses, Miriam & Marah

There are three sections in this Chapter: 1. the song of Moses with the nation, 2. the rejoining song of Miriam with the women and 3. the initial dilemma in the wilderness; the need for water.

In the song of Moses, we find that the Israelites made a distinct connection between the accomplishments of God and the character of God. Clearly, both are worth singing about.  They sang with exultant and triumphant joy. They sang... and then they sang again (Exodus 15:1 & 21) with instruments and dance.

They didn't assume that this victory was their last one though, or that they had reached their destination.  They set out away from the Red sea toward impending greatness. They journeyed for 3 days but they found no water again until they came to Marah. There they found water, but it wasn't drinkable. So, God intervened for them by Moses' hand and miraculously changed the water from bitter to sweet.  God healed the water.  And, Moses reminded the nation that the same God who heals water also heals people (Exodus 15:26). And, shortly thereafter God brought them by His telltale pillar to Elim where He showed them (with 12 wells in one spot) that He could give them water without limitations and without inhibitions... if they would just trust and obey. 

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