Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday - Genesis 46 - Muppim, Huppim & Ard

Jacob had become Israel and his household had grown to 70 members. As they rode the Egyptian wagons out of Canaan, it must have seemed surreal. The conversations around the campfire were probably rather repetitious: "I can't believe he's alive. I can't believe he's the boss. I wonder what it will be like living in Egypt."
What it must have been like for Jacob! God had met with him and confirmed that Joseph was alive and waiting. God had approved of the move to Egypt. Life was so good for Jacob. Surely he must have spoken with all of his sons and grandsons, including Muppim, Huppim and Ard (Genesis 46:21), and shared with them what God had told him.
I find it interesting that God had not told him this stuff before. God could have miraculously revealed the truth about Joseph any time He wanted to, but he waited until Joseph and his brothers had made peace... then He verified the information for Israel. This demonstrates how God uses the freewill of men and the restraints of time in His actions and reactions among us. His sovereign wisdom is truly infinite.
Anyway, Jacob sent Judah ahead of the caravan to announce his arrival, and Joseph hopped in his chariot to rush out to meet his father. What a grand reunion. Jacob was so happy that he decided he had nothing left on his bucket list.  But, he did.  He was bound for Goshen, a meeting with Pharaoh and ranching success. God was placing him and his family in Egypt for them to multiply... and to wait for the ripening of Canaanite debauchery (Genesis 15:16) before He took their land from them.
If ever I'm reminded of God's wonderfully transcendent purposes and methods (Isaiah 55:8-9)... it is while reading Genesis 46.

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