Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday - Exodus 6 - Who's Who

The main character in the book of Exodus is not Moses. The main character is God.

In this chapter God reintroduces Himself and His team. Here is an attempt at what the emcee's notes might have looked like (to be read aloud and with Alan Kalter styled intonations).


1.         JEHOVAH: once known as "the God who is strong," now He goes by the description "the God who exists."
2.         Israel:  a suffering nation that is destined to be rescued, despite their pain induced spiritual deafness.
3.         Reuben, Simeon & Levi: three tribes... descendants of Jacob's three eldest sons. Their fathers were condemned by Israel on his deathbed (Genesis 49:3-7), yet God is reviving their honor.
4.         Moses: the human instrument of deliverance who is currently on a steep upward climb... almost completely alone. Except for his brother Aaron, this man this feels like he has NO support and is therefore suffering from an incompetence complex.
5.         Pharaoh: a faulty vessel who is essentially worthless, yet he is about to experience an unparalleled admixture of God's patience and wrath (Romans 9:22).
6.         Aaron: the brother of Moses; the first Levitical high priest of Israel; the father of the infamous Nadab and Abihu; the father of the famous Eleazar and lthamar; the grandfather of Phinehas.
7.         Gershon, Kohath and Merari: their descendants will play major roles in the religious development of early Jewish history (Numbers 26:57).

After these announcements, one might think that Moses would have been grounded somewhat; comforted, reassured and more confident as a result of the clear indication that God had a magnificent plan which was only commencing. But, no, instead Moses waffled and worried. He sawed on his violin and whined, "I'm ill prepared. My people won't even listen to me, how can I expect that the king of our oppressors will? My mouth is deficient (Exodus 6:12 & 30)." Of course, his excuses were falling uselessly on deaf ears. Especially Moses' excuse that he wasn't a good speaker: God had already answered that excuse (Exodus 4:12) and cured his "problem" (Acts 7:22).

The stage is set.  The actors are in place.  Now get ready for some fireworks!

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