Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday - Genesis 41 - The Ascent of a Prince

Two years after Joseph interpreted the dream for the royal butler, Pharaoh also had some dreams that seemed to be portents. Seven fat cows eaten by seven skinny ones; seven healthy ears of grain consumed by seven puny ones... what could it mean?
First, notice a recurring theme that appears in Genesis 41:8 - the inadequacies of worldly wise men. Pharaoh (like several monarchs after him) demanded answers from all who were known for knowing, but... they didn't know.  It was then that the forgetful butler suddenly remembered what Joseph had done for him.  What timing!
So, after making himself presentable to the king, Joseph came in to hear the dreams. And, when Pharaoh spoke of Joseph’s ability, he was quick to deflect that flattering praise to its rightful recipient: God (Genesis 41:15-16).
Then he proceeded to unveil the secrets of God concerning the near future of Egypt and the world. Seven years of prosperity followed by seven years of sever famine - that's what they had coming.
Commendably, Joseph didn't stop after his Divine prognostications... he added some advice in keeping with his godly wisdom: "Find a man who can prepare the nation for coming trouble." Wise men who have responsibilities crave advisors who can spot problems and supply viable solutions to them. Joseph fit the bill. He was hired on the spot. With a momentary wise whim of a Pharaoh, Joe went from prisoner to prince (Genesis 41:38).  It was God at work again.
Pharaoh gave Joseph supreme authority over everything and everybody.  The only thing he lacked was the title of king and a right to the throne. In every other way he was the ruler of the mightiest nation in the world at that time. He was a benevolent totalitarian dictator at the age of 30 (Genesis 41:44); truly licensed with unlimited political power.

So, Joseph was soon married and commenced his government responsibilities by taking a tour of Egypt (Genesis 41:45-46). You can't run a nation dutifully if you aren't even aware of what's going on in that nation. Joseph was starting with a strong foundation. And, he went on to collect so much grain that he ceased reckoning the quantities.

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