Saturday, March 26, 2016

Saturday - Exodus 4 - Convincing

Maybe his doubts and fears revolved around himself just as he claimed ... or maybe not. I don't know. Either way, Moses needed some convincing.  He was truly a man of faith. Hebrews 11 states that fact irrefutably. Still, he hesitated enough times that he set God off (Exodus 4:1, 13 & 14).  It sure seems like he wanted out of the job.

Moses almost didn't make it back to Egypt. Though all of Abraham's descendants were supposed to live under his covenant, Moses had evidently neglected to circumcise his son in respect of that covenant.

Moses' impious inaction displeased God so much that He was willing and ready to kill him because of it (Exodus 4:24). Only after Mrs. Moses circumcised the young man (in a crude emergency operation on their journey back toward Egypt) did God allow them to proceed unharmed (Ex. 4:25-26).

Now, Moses had to convince the nation that they were supposed to follow him. And, through the miracles that God worked before them, they were indeed convinced (Exodus 4:3 1). Strangely though, it seems like maybe Aaron did the speaking and the miracles in front of the Jews (Ex. 4:16 & 30).

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