Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Tuesday - Ezekiel 40 - Another Temple

HIS is apparently a description of the temple that will be built in Jerusalem after the second coming of Jesus Christ, to be used for the 1000-years-long kingdom of God that will actually exist on this earth – at the end of time; in the last chapter of history; before eternity-future commences. This temple (which did not and does not yet exist) was revealed to Ezekiel. It had been 14 years since the first earthly temple had been destroyed, but this message of hope came in a vision to Ezekiel assuring him and his people that God was far from being done with them. Great things still lay ahead.  Ezekiel watched as an angel measured this temple meticulously. It was no fluid dream or ghostly metaphor. Ezekiel was getting a glimpse of what the temple will look like when the meek do eventually inherit the earth.  Read and reread this chapter.  Take note of the dimensions, the singers, the priests, the altar and the tables for burnt offerings and sin offerings.  Try to imagine what worship in that temple will be like when Christ Himself sits on David's throne and Lucifer is bound and gagged in the bottomless pit. It's a lot to digest.

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