Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Tuesday - Daniel 2 - World Prophecy 101

HIS chapter is a perfect introduction to the prophecies that make up much of the remainder of the book of Daniel.  In fact, this chapter is a good starting point for any study on prophecy in general. Although part of the chapter continues the narrative of Daniel's biography, the heaviest part is comprised of a revelation, which God gave to this heathen king, Nebuchadnezzar.

There is no such thing as a perfect prophet, or a perfect vehicle for revelation. Other than Jesus Christ, all prophets have sinned and come short of the glory of God. So, when we read of men like Pharaoh, Balaam, Saul, Nebuchadnezzar or Jonah getting special messages from God, we should not be so surprised. The bigger mystery is that God has seen fit to give any messages to any of us – including even the greatest of prophets. At best, we are all just broken vessels. We should thank God for His condescending grace.

Now, in the middle of the sadly humorous interactions between the exasperatedly angry king and his impotent cabinet of occultists, we see that God was working to set Himself and Daniel up for a big save. In Daniel 2:10 we read that it was these "wise" men who set the stage for Daniel to shine. "Nobody could do what you're asking," they stammered, "and nobody should reasonably ask such a question. One would have to be a god to tell somebody else what they dreamed!" Yes, exactly! So, when in anger the king sent the captain of his guard out to kill every single member of the Babylonian intelligentsia, Daniel took that opportunity to make a great claim in the name of the one true God (Daniel 2:16 & 28).

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