Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Wednesday - Nahum 3 - The Mistress of Witchcrafts

ORCERY & magic make anything possible in fairy tales. And, I suppose it is great fun to imagine Cinderella being transformed temporarily into a princess, or Mickey Mouse making a royal mess with his master's magic wand. Here is the truth though. In real life magic is real, but it is never good. There are only 2 sources of spiritual power: God and Satan. Whether it is called sorcery, witchcraft, magic, psychic powers or some other name, any paranormal power that doesn't line up with the Bible is Satanic. Oh, I know that sounds old fashioned, but I don't really care how it sounds. It's true. And, Nineveh was evidently swept away with witchcraft (vs. 4). She was bed buddies with Lucifer. Knowingly or ignorantly, they worshipped Satan. It doesn't matter to the Devil if you call him "Mother Earth" or "Allah" or "The Great Spirit" - as long as you don't worship Jehovah in the name of Jesus Christ, he'll be more than willing to show you his evil power. You can talk all day long about karma and faith and values, this won't bother the Devil at all. But if you start propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ, you'll find a real enemy lickety-split. The everlasting gospel of Christ is the great cure for spiritual oppression.

In Nahum 3 we find a portrait of what happens to a nation and society that follows after the prince of this world (John 12:31, 14:30, 16:11 & Ephesians 2:2). In Nahum 3:1, Nineveh is called "the bloody city... full of lies." In Nahum 3:3, we see a city strewn with the corpses of Satan's followers. The wages of sin has always been death, and always will be too. Nineveh was not the first great city to be overthrown by sin (vs. 8). And, many cities have been swept away by it since. Rebellion weakens the human spirit until the slightest difficulty is enough to bring us down (vs. 12-13). Mammon blinds the human heart and damns the human soul (vs. 16). Our lusts and vices dominate us and kill us in every case. Nineveh was no exception (vs. 19). 

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