Monday, September 23, 2019

Monday - Zechariah 5 - A Flying Scroll

OST Bible students are well familiar with the scrolls of Revelation 5 & 10. Is it possible that the giant flying scroll of Zechariah 5 is the same one as one of these that John saw? In light of the other connections that we have already found between Revelation and Zechariah, another connection here seems very likely. Both of John's scrolls and Zechariah's scroll represent great judgment (from heaven) upon the world's population of unbelievers at the Day of the Lord (consider also Ezekiel 3:1-11).

Whichever passage we connect this section with, it is certain that Zechariah saw the coming of swift judgment. The interpretation is given in Zechariah 5:3. Concerning the flying scroll it was said, "This is the curse that goes forth over the face of the whole earth."  Dr. McGee then sees this as the Law of Moses (Zechariah 5:3). It is certainly clear according to Galatians 3 and Romans 5 that the law condemns and brings condemnation. The "books" in Daniel 7:10 and Revelation 20:12 are indeed full of condemnation against sinners, so they must be considered as well. But I'll leave it to you to try to decipher the exact identity of this flying scroll of Zechariah 5. Regardless, Zechariah learned that God's wrath against sin would be swift and complete when once it commences.

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