Friday, September 6, 2019

Friday - Habakkuk 2 - Trusting God is Essentials

OVE is the greatest spiritual trait (1st Corinthians 13:13 & Matthew 22:37-40).  But we don't intend to belittle faith or holiness by exalting love. Without faith it is impossible to please God (Hebrews 11:6). And, I should add, without holiness a man will never get an audience with God (Hebrews 12:14), without repentance a man will never be saved (Psalm 34:18) and without worship a man shouldn't dare to approach the Almighty (Psalm 100:4). These are core truths in the Christians faith. These are central biblical teachings. In Habakkuk, faith does seem to be the first step back to God, and a part of every step thereafter: "The just shall live by faith" (Habakkuk 2:4). And why not? A lack of faith was the original problem that led humanity away from God. It only makes sense then that expressing confidence in Him is critical to our return to Him. His character sets the standard. A man can't be forgiven & justified apart from faith, & when a man becomes one of the justified ones, He is then expected to live continually by faith!  Habakkuk 2:14 & 20 thunder forth the immovable greatness of a God who CAN be depended on. He CAN be trusted.

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