Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Wednesday - Hosea 6 - The Slayer & the Healer

 dichotomy is not necessarily a disagreement or an incongruity, and it doesn't have to imply a contradiction. It is no surprise to the diligent Bible student to see in Hosea 6 that God is both the Judge and the Savior of Israel. There are times in Israel's history when God has been to them as a parching heat, yet again He can be to them as refreshing rain. God's words can bring life and hope, but they can also bring forth death and disaster to those who resist Him and His words. During Hosea's days, God's words to Israel were mostly judgmental and condemning, yet even in this we can find an obvious silver lining to the storm clouds of His anger. He was present to kill, but at the same time, He was promising a resurrection.

Hosea's prophecies here are directed at both Israel and Judah. God could find only brief and fleeting efforts at "goodness" in these nations. In one case (in Hosea 6:4) God compares the righteousness of the Jews to the morning dew. While it is always refreshing, it quickly disappears. Even this reference seems to allude mostly to the religious rituals of these nations. They had priests and sacrifices, but the hearts of the priests and hearts of the people were far from God. He wasn't impressed with filled offices and completed rituals. He looked for inward piety (vs. 6). Whether God is a slayer or a healer is up to us. If we demonstrate true contrition and interest, then God is yet willing to forgive, to heal, to revive and to raise. Be assured, He wants to heal. He doesn’t relish the idea of destroying His own creation. Jesus has been slain for us. He wants to be your healer. 

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