Friday, July 12, 2019

Friday - Hosea 3 - Amazing Love

E could focus today on the deplorable lack of morals that Gomer demonstrated.  And, I suppose it does have to be mentioned. Hosea's wife, Gomer, was a prostitute before he married her. But, worse than that, after she had born 3 children for Hosea, she sold herself into prostitution again.  I do not know what her motive was. Maybe she was just wild at heart. Maybe she simply had a lust for money that pushed her in that direction. I do not know, but she returned to prostitution, that’s what’s important here. Whatever her reason for leaving, she was gone.  Even so, there is virtually an infinite number of distractions that can lead people away from God. But there is one way back to Him, and that is through redemption (1st Peter 1:18-19).

The glorious thing about Hosea 3 is the extravagantly amazing love that Hosea showed to his former wife. Although she had given herself over to the men in her city to be physically used and abused for money, yet Hosea still loved her. Not only that, he was willing to give her another chance. With God's command behind him, Hosea literally went and bought Gomer out of the sex trade. He paid a ransom of sorts and brought her back home. What a man! What love! What forgiveness & generosity! What compassion & care! Hosea was demonstrating the generosity of God!

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