Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Tuesday - Hosea 10 - Hemlock in the Field

F Israel was compared to a farmer's field (and they were in this chapter), then that field was in a poor condition indeed. Their spiritual field was fallow, unplowed and hard. Instead of verdant grape vines there, the deadly judgment of God was springing up (Hosea 10:4). The rich land that should have produced gratitude, humility and worship in the hearts of the Jews, instead brought poisonous hemlock that could only numb them and kill them. Their hearts were divided. They were full of faults (Hosea 10:2). As such, their set punishment was severe (Hosea 10:14).

What was the solution then? Well, no surprise: the nation needed to repent of their sins and to follow God. Hosea 10:12-13 is rather plain and simple, "Seek the LORD!" It was indeed time to seek the Lord, but they didn't do that.

It is an unsettling realization that the very things that God blesses us with can become detrimental to our spiritual health (if not viewed properly). God may have blessed you with a good appetite and with good food with which to satisfy it. God may have made you attractive, and perhaps He gave you a spouse who appreciates your good looks and lets you know it regularly. God may have given you a healthy body, a good mind, great talents, wonderful opportunities, (the list could go on and on), but have you invested these things as blessings in your life, or have you allowed them to corrupt your spirit. It is a short trip from a healthy appetite to gluttony.

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