Saturday, July 1, 2017

Saturday – 2nd Chronicles 1 - Wisdom and Foolishness

In charging his son Solomon, David specifically pointed out the need for his son to receive wisdom from the Lord (1st Chronicles 22:11-13).  Clearly Solomon was listening intently to his father's words.  We see that in this chapter when God offered Solomon a blank check, Solomon followed the line of thinking that his father had plugged him into.  He wrote "WISDOM" in the amount blank.  That is, he asked for an understanding heart.

Not only did God give Solomon what he asked for, He gave him more (2 Chronicles 1:12).  What an incredible opportunity! It will be sadly interesting as we rehearse what Solomon did with the great endowment God handed him.

Now, unfortunately Solomon didn't take very long in making some wrong moves. Despite his wonderful wisdom, notice the chasm between what he was doing before God came to him in a dream and one of the first things that is said about him afterward (2nd Chronicles 1:6, 14 - 17 & 1st Kings 10:28 and see Deuteronomy 17:15 & 16).  To be a man of such political and governmental wisdom, he turned out to be guilty of exercising considerable foolishness in some of his personal, spiritual and moral decisions.

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