Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday - 2nd Chronicles 10 - Here We Go Again

From 1st Kings 12 through 2nd Kings 25, you can read (and we have already read) the stories of the various kings of Judah and Israel: from the death of Solomon to the invasions of the Assyrians and the Babylonians. That's 36 chapters, so we have already spent considerable time discussing these events. Here in 2nd Chronicles we now encounter 27 more chapters which address many of the same events.

David's grandson Rehoboam took the throne in Jerusalem after the death of his father Solomon. Sadly, he wasn't wise like his father had been, nor was he mighty like his grandfather. Of course, these attributes of Rehoboam fit right into the plan of God, because (as a consequence of Solomon's sins) God was determined to split the nation.  That doesn't get Rehoboam off of the hook though.

Rehoboam met with his people after he became king and listened to their petitions. They primarily wanted tax cuts. Apparently Rehoboam was neither predisposed to give them what they wanted, nor to refuse. So, he asked for some advice. He was counseled by 2 groups. There were young men who were his peers. And, there were elderly advisors from his father's generation.

The young men advised Rehoboam to be stricter and harsher. The older men advised him to be gentle, compassionate and generous. Which did he heed? He listened to his own generation, of course.  It was to be the cause of his immediate demise.  Well, at least, he lost the majority of his followers as a result of his decision. True, it was part of God's plan, nevertheless, Rehoboam was the guilty catalyst (consider Matthew 18:7).

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