Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Tuesday - Genesis 31 - Escape

Jacob's brother-in-law began to talk bad about him. His father-in-law become cross with him. And, God told him to get out of town.  So, after 20 years in Haran, Jacob headed for home.
I can't say that Jacob was honest with his wives when he told them that it was time to move on (Genesis 31:6). Of course, it appears that there was a whole lot of deception coming his way too. Actually, deception was common across the board in this family.
Be that as it may, Jacob's wives agreed that if God had said for them to go, then it was time to go. So they stole away secretly (and Rachel literally stole some of her father's possessions). Three days later Laban realized that they had gone away, so, he immediately set off in hot pursuit. Ten days after Jacob escaped from Haran, Laban's band overtook him. Laban came in fury with a willingness to hurt somebody, but God warned him against it. Still, he resorted to complaining threateningly about losing his images and was allowed by Jacob to search the five main tents for them. By God's mercy and by Rachel's dishonesty, Laban didn't find what he was looking for.

So, Jacob chewed his uncle out and gave him a sob story about how hard his two decades in Haran had been. Yet, in the end Jacob set up a monument of peace and made a covenant of kindness between Laban and himself. And, after a night of fellowship, Laban left Jacob and his family alone to go forth in peace.

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