Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday - Genesis 33 - Peace

After his meeting with God, fortunately Jacob had a much less eventful reunion with Esau. Jacob went ahead of his spouses and children and discovered that God had given him favor in the eyes of his brother.
One has to wonder for what purpose the 400 men accompanying Esau were originally intended. Nevertheless, Esau pulled Jacob up from his repeated bows and hugged him in tears. Then, in response to Esau's inquiries (and through his own tears), Jacob introduced his ladies and their offspring in order of favor... saving the best, Rachel and Joseph, for last. Following that answer, Jacob persuaded Esau (presumably against his will) to accept all of the gifts that had preceded him. Above all else, Jacob was exuberant that his arrival had evidently been an acceptable thing to Esau. What a relief!
But, was Jacob completely relieved? Esau wanted to journey back with Jacob to the old home place... but suspicious Jacob refused.  So, Esau went south to Seir while Jacob turned aside and stopped short in Shalem (very near to Bethel where he had first met God). When we see Jacob (at this point called, Israel) in a city called Shalem, it should cause us to pause. Shalem, Salem... Jerusalem... some scholars believe that all three places were the same. Abraham had met the King of Salem upon his return from battle after delivering his nephew Lot. David would eventually put Jerusalem on the map for good. Solomon, Ezra and Nehemiah would also contribute significantly to the immortalization of that city. And, Jesus, of course, sealed its import with His death there. Someday, He will do even more for its name when He sets up His very throne there. Jerusalem... indeed, the city of our God!

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