Friday, February 5, 2016

Saturday, Genesis 19 - Homosexuality, Drunkenness & Incest

In the last chapter we read (in a positive light), "Is anything too hard for the LORD?" (Genesis 18:14). That reality cuts both ways.
1.         There is no kindness that God is incapable of bestowing upon us if He chooses to do so.
2.         There is no measure of judgment so monumental that He is unable to execute it. 

Nothing is too hard for God... miracle babies or act-of-God mayhem.  He can do anything.
In Genesis 19 we have a record of one of the saddest and most despicable events in the life of any believer, ever! Lot was a child of God (II Peter 2:6-9), yet this closing chapter of his biography reveals that he was a leader in Sodom, was complicit in the perversions of his neighbors, was not influential enough to rescue most of his own family, had twisted priorities even in the face of a fatal crisis, was a drunken outcast and fathered his own daughter's children (the wicked Moabites and Ammonites).
Lot's decision to turn from faithful Abraham to faithless Sodom was a purely carnal and fiscal decision.
It cost him the lives of several of his daughters (along with whatever family to which they were connected). It cost him his own conscience (who in their right mind would offer their virgin daughters to perverts for exploitation?). It cost him his wife's life.  It cost him his own testimony and dignity.  It cost him all of his possessions. By God's grace and for Abraham's sake (see verse 29), Lot escaped with his own soul - that's all!
Without getting into the grimy details of the debauchery in this chapter (read it for yourself), suffice it to say that this passage serves as a warning to all of us. There are NO BOUNDARIES to the depths of depravity to which men and women can stoop if God is disregarded. And, there is no escaping the holy wrath of God when once He has passed judgment. Sodom was literally burned to the ground by a heaven sent inferno. Hebrews 2:3 “How shall we escape, if we neglect so great salvation?"
America is quickly headed in the direction of Sodom. The men of that city threatened to rape Lot and even persisted when they were blinded by the two angels! That's unfettered reprobate behavior at its worst!  Our world is on the fast track toward the same kinds of wickedness.
Someday God will remove the few righteous souls that remain in our era (see verse 22) and will allow the Lamb to break the first seal from off of the scroll upon which are written the plagues of the seven-year tribulation period. Then... well... then, the books WILL be balanced... 

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