Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Tuesday – Mark 2 – Our Counterculture Christ

HERE are 3 events recorded for us in Mark 2. In Mark 2:1-12 we read the story of the forgiving and healing of a man who was paralyzed. In Mark 2:13-22 we find that Jesus and His disciples partied with sinners. And, in Mark 2:22-28 it is evident that Jesus was not swayed by the common definition of the Sabbath day. Now, while these may not have been the most important events of Christ's ministry, they were significant in that they each demonstrate that Jesus Christ lived in opposition to the religious culture that was all around Him.

Of course, Jesus' ability to heal people was a great contrast to the powerless religion of the Pharisees. But beyond that, Jesus was doing many other things that were new and strange. He was preaching the word of God to large (willing) crowds that (for the most part) weren’t in the temple or a synagogue, but in the wilderness and in people's houses. He was surrounded by known sinners, poor folk, hungry folk, uneducated people, common blue collar workers, gentiles, women, children and devout followers; yet, the aloof religious elite could not resist His presence either. They too sat in the crowd listening, albeit critically. It was an odd admixture of society to whom Jesus preached.

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