Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Wednesday – 1st John 1 - John's Declaration


F you think back to John's gospel you will surely remember that (when compared to the other 3 gospel accounts) the apostle's introduction of Jesus Christ was both unique and special. There are distinct and obvious similarities between John 1 and 1st John 1. In both cases, he properly places Christ on the highest pedestal that he can possibly construct with his words. Here in verses 3 & 5 John tells us that his purpose (and the purpose of all of the apostles) in ministry (and certainly in writing) was to make a clear declaration concerning who Christ was (and is), and to point out just exactly what His gospel message was (and is). Now of course, because of Christ's passion for souls and because of the content of the gospel, John properly weaves our place, privilege, and responsibilities into His writings as well. In fact, whether you are reading his gospel, his letters, or his revelation, there is truly a constant applicability that arises right out of the text. In his Gospel it is abundantly clear that he was calling his readers to believe in Jesus. Here in his first epistle it is again evident what his purpose is. Here he is speaking to believers, and his desire is to promote holiness, confidence, and fellowship among all believers. Not surprisingly, the same tool John used to draw us to salvation in his gospel is the one he uses here to push us forward in sanctification. He exalts Christ. 

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