Monday, November 9, 2020

Monday – 1st Peter 2 - The Bishop of My Soul



IBLICALLY speaking, a bishop is an overseer or a watcher. According to Peter, Jesus is "the Shepherd & Bishop of our souls" (vs. 25). He watches over my soul. This is why I can sing, "It Is Well with My Soul." Sometimes I feel it & sometimes I don't, but at all times I am actually completely safe & secure in Christ. Our keeper never slumbers or sleeps (Psalm 121:4). We have Christ, & more importantly, He has us. This is all we need. He is The Chosen One; our Messiah and Savior. He is the Chief Cornerstone. He is our Lord & Master. We are safe in Him (Prov. 18:10). We are His fruitful children (1st Peter 2:9-10); His sheep (Psalm 23 & Isaiah 53:6).


The fact that Christ is watching over us constantly should be (first & foremost) a comfort & an inspiration to us. But there is another side to this reality.  Remember that in 1st Peter 1 we were shown that spiritual purity is God's will for us. Chapter 2 defines for us some of the ways that we can go about living this pure life that Christ has called us into. He is watching us, so to begin with we need to set aside those evil ways of thinking & speaking which we previously cultured throughout our unregenerate life (vs. 1). We have a new direction.  Thirst for biblical truth - this is where it's at.  When Jesus looks over your shoulder & mine to see if we need any help, He should frequently find us pouring over His words (vs. 2). This is where we find Him & His grace (vs. 3-4 & John 5:39). He is "a living stone" foundation & we are His "lively stones" - each of us in our own proper place in His spiritual house (1st Peter 2:4 & 5).  And, it is our faith in Him that completes this bond (vs. 6-7).

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