Thursday, September 14, 2017

Thursday - Nehemiah 3 - Many Hands

n our text today, we find that Nehemiah wanted to rebuild the walls of the city of Jerusalem. But, he certainly couldn't do it alone. So, by God's grace and for His glory, he was joined in this task by a great number of diligent and faithful men. By my count, almost 50 groups worked on different sections in this wall-building endeavor. Nobody had to do it all by themselves. They each had their own assignment.

Inevitably when a sizable feat is undertaken by one man in many steps or by many men taking one step each, there are spectators who are doing nothing to assist. Such was the case in Nehemiah's day. Nehemiah 3:5 says that although the common people of Tekoa labored faithfully, "their nobles put not their necks to the work of their lord." Typical, isn't it? And, frustrating too! Many folk were contributing productively, but these men did nothing.

Incidentally, the "regular guys" from Tekoa not only did their part, they finished it and then worked on another section too (Nehemiah 3:27). Hallelujah! Instead of complaining about a lack of participation; or, instead of quitting... they just worked harder. One fellow even had his daughters out there doing construction work (Nehemiah 3:12). But the nobles thought that they were too good for manual labor? They needed a modern idiom, "A little work never hurt anyone." Or, maybe, "In all labor there is profit" (Proverbs 14:23).

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