Saturday, September 2, 2017

Saturday - Ezra 5 - Bold Moves

n the last chapter we read about how the people around Jerusalem succeeded in halting the progress of the Jewish rebuilding project. But, the temple was destined to be erected.  God had dictated, designated and designed that it was to be. And, as we know, God is well able to complete all the projects which He undertakes (Philippians 1:6 & II Timothy 1:12).

When the work stopped, God called a couple of prophets onto the scene to strengthen the hearts of the people and to set them back to their assignment. Haggai and Zechariah both were used by God to restore the resolve of Zerubbabel and his followers. So, without consulting with the Persians and without worrying about the opposition of the locals, the Jews returned to their holy labors.

Now, just because the right people started doing the right things again, that didn't mean that the devil was going to just lie down and die.  He had lost round 2 of this bout, but he wasn't done.  He stirred up the hearts of Tatnai, Shetharboznai and their cohorts to come again to harass and hinder the Jews.

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