Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Tuesday – 2nd Kings 16 – Wicked Ahaz

At this point we have grown accustomed to reading about the wicked kings of the north.  However, Judah wasn't completely free of spiritual dunces. Ahaz was one such miserable character. This man worshipped idols, sacrificed his own son on an altar, rearranged the temple, used temple possessions to purchase military assistance from Assyria and generally made a mess of everything which he touched.

It was a great affront to the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for the nation of Israel and then also Judah to look to the Assyrians for help and aide. The distrust and disloyalty toward God which the Jewish kings demonstrated by turning to heathen nations for assistance was ultimately the very cause of their demise. God had delivered their ancestors out of the hand of oppressive and polytheistic Egyptians, if God was strong enough to accomplish that, then why would the Hebrew people afterward look anywhere else for their supply?

Before we jump too high or shout too loud, let us take inventory of our own hearts. Is God our first and final recourse when we encounter adversity? I fear that many of us believers try every solution that the world, the flesh and the devil can possibly offer to us, when really and truly... only God holds the cure. Better said, God is the cure! We typically place our confidence in money, education, intelligence, experience, planning, diligence, chance, science, medicine... anything tangible which we think might allow us to circumvent the system. What humanity has an aversion to is plain old fashioned holiness... and the humility and sacrifice which faith demands to possess that prize (Hebrews 12:14).

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