Monday, May 29, 2017

Monday - 1st Chronicles 10 - Cursory Mention

Whereas in the former account a great deal of attention was devoted to the rise and fall of King Saul, in this book we only see the last 2 days of his life. Saul fought against the Philistines and was injured in battle. Upon realizing that he was in danger of being captured by his enemies, he fell on his own sword and died. According to this description, not only did Saul lose his throne and his life due to his disobedience early on in his reign (regarding an illegal sacrifice and an incomplete mission against the Amalekites - see 2nd Samuel 13:12, 13, 14 & 15:23), but he also lost everything because he went to a witch... the night before his death (1st Chronicles 10:13).

Notice how Saul's sin affected others.  Specifically, he did not die alone.  He had 3 sons who died with him in battle on the same day of his departure.  Even Jonathan was lost that day.  David's good friend Jonathan died with his father.  Also, many Israelites had to flee from their homes due to the victory which the Philistines enjoyed that day (1st Chronicles 10:7). Perhaps the worst thing that happened was that the false god Dagon was honored at the end of that day rather than the true God of heaven being honored.  So, the conclusion of Saul's kingdom came with hard justice. 1st Chronicles 10:14 gives his epitaph.

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