Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Tuesday - II Samuel 9 - Grace for Mephibosheth... and for Me

After David had been king for a while and had settled in securely, he evidently remembered the covenant that he had made with Jonathan. So, he inquired whether there were any surviving relatives or descendants of Saul remaining. Wonderfully, there was one of Saul's grandsons, Mephibosheth (Jonathan's son), who was still alive. We were introduced to him back in II Samuel 4:4. Remember, he was crippled at age 5 on the same day that his father had died in battle.

Now, David desired to "show the kindness of God unto him" (II Samuel 9:3). But, Mephibosheth was doubtlessly somewhat afraid of what David might have had in mind for him (II Samuel 9:6 & 7). He had nothing to fear though. David gave him all that had belonged to his grandfather, King Saul, and he gave him a place at his own royal table. Neither Mephibosheth's family name nor his lameness hindered David from caring for him or from showing him kindness and generosity.

There is a remarkable correlation between Mephibosheth's plight and ours. Before God showered His saving grace upon us we were the offspring of a defeated king, Satan. We were helpless and weak. We were powerless and at God's mercy. And yet, for no reason other than His own good nature and character, and in keeping with a promise that he had made to our ancestor Abraham, God reached down to us and exalted us to sit at His table beside His only begotten Son, Jesus. It is a story of compassion and generosity. It is a story about how God has taken the initiative in bringing us to a place of royal fellowship; a place to which we could never have attained by our own attempts, no matter how noble or diligent.

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