Saturday, February 18, 2017

Saturday - II Samuel 12 - Back on Track

It's hard to imagine that David could be forgiven, just like that. Wasn't he a crude, rude, lewd and wicked dude? He had stolen his friend's wife, killed his friend to protect his own skin, and had seemingly gotten away with it. Yet, this chapter is the story of David getting back on track with God… and with his kingly duties.

God sent Nathan the prophet to David with a parable. The parable was a very thinly veiled metaphor revealing David's guilt. Amazingly, II Samuel 12:5 indicates that David's moral discernment had remained intact even if his immoral misbehavior would naturally lead us to imagine otherwise.

Now, Nathan's sermon moved quickly from indirect to direct speech as he pointed his finger in the face of the guilty king (II Samuel 12:7). Thankfully David was just as straightforward in his admission and repentance (II Samuel 12:13). And, while we are pointing out frank statements, let's not miss the best one of all. God forgave David with no uncertainty. Although the damage which he had done was not repaired, his relationship with God and his fellowship with God were both restored.  David could not be rewarded for his faithfulness, but the situation was ultimately redeemed through God’s faithfulness.

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