Saturday, October 15, 2016

Saturday - Joshua 6 - They All Went Marching

God is nothing if He isn't creative. "March around the city and watch the wall fall" - to me, that's about as unique and original as you can get. But hey, that was the plan. Don't you love it? God could have rained fire on the city. He could have chased the people out with hornets. He could have made the people of the city blind and helpless. He could have starved them into submission. I suppose He could have even sent a Jonah to preach to them and proselytized them to Judaism. He could have given Joshua the design plans of ingenious contraptions to use in conquest, but instead, He simply asked His people to walk around the city.

Sometimes the greatest tests of our faith are when God asks us to watch Him do all the work for us (Numbers 20:8-11). Sometimes what He asks of us is so simple that we have a hard time accepting it. Are you familiar with the story of Naaman?  Read it from II Kings 9:11.

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