Thursday, September 10, 2020

Thursday - Colossians 4 - Friends in Ministry



HIS chapter begins with a continuation of a list good things that we are supposed to “put on" as we seek to live by heavenly values. Christians in positions of authority should treat those under them fairly (vs. 1). All believers should pray faithfully and gratefully (vs. 2).  Evangelism is a high priority in the church (vs. 5). And, carefulness in conversation is necessary in the lives of all disciples (vs. 6). These four exhortations should be connected to the ones found in Colossians 3.


Beginning in verse 7, Paul closes this letter with a list of personal greetings. Tychicus & Onesimus were evidently the couriers of this letter. Aristarchus, Marcus, Justus, Epaphras, Luke & Demas were with Paul. He sent their greetings to the Colossian believers as well as to the Laodiceans. He also sent warm greetings to Nympha’s & Archippus, as well as to a large number of unnamed saints. Their names are not so important to us at this point, but the fact that Paul was closely connected to so many other ministers, matters much. He had many friends in ministry.


Notice the motives behind all of this personal interaction. It was not just a formality. Paul cared for the condition of these believers. He desired to get comfort to them (vs. 8). He hoped for a mutual sharing of information (for the good of all of the believers involved). He encouraged his audience by assuring them of the prayers which were being offered on their behalf (vs. 12). He obviously hoped to spur these believers forward so that they would each complete their mission & fulfill their calling (vs. 17). And, Paul needed these believers to help him carry his burdens too (vs. 18).

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