Friday, May 29, 2020

Friday - Acts 19 - Exciting Things in Ephesus & in Asia



POLLOS was not the only true believer who was stuck temporarily in the paradigm of the Old Testament. Paul encountered about a dozen of John the Baptist's disciples in Ephesus. They had the same perspective as Apollos. They were still looking forward for the Messiah, not realizing that He had already arrived, had already accomplished His mission, and had departed. After hearing Paul, these believers were then re-baptized. Their former baptism had represented their repentance only. This baptism represented their faith in Jesus Christ. Of course, they were also baptized with the Holy Ghost at this time.

This marked the beginning of a major revival in that region. Paul spent a couple years in that area teaching (in the school of Tyrannus) with such force and impact that (as a result) all of Asia heard the gospel (Acts 19:10). God's power was uniquely manifested on Paul (vs. 11) so that unprecedented miracles were accomplished through him (vs. 12). His spiritual influence was so intense that some aspiring young men even began to use Paul's name as if there was some superstitious spiritual power in his very name (vs. 13-14). Of course, we know that their efforts didn't turn out so well (vs. 16). Why? Number one, it is the name of Christ that is to be magnified, not the names of His apostles. Secondly, genuine Spiritual authority and power is necessary for the performance of any godly miracle.

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