Saturday, May 5, 2018

Saturday - Psalm 94 - Two Kinds of Wicked

SALM 94:12-13 reintroduces to us 2 different categories of wicked men: wayward children and wandering strangers.  According to Psalm 94:13, He chastens His disobedient and wicked children so that He won't have to destroy us with the Devil's children... who are also wicked. Of course, those of us who are God’s children were once among the Devil’s offspring.  

So, needless to say, all sin is sin and all men are vain sinners (Psalm 94:11).  Any and every transgression of God's law is iniquitous. The wages of any, every and all sin is death.  Any one sin makes me a sinner and qualifies me for hell.  In fact, I'm a sinner by nature and was born into condemnation. Yet my soul is not condemned.  I'm forgiven, redeemed and regenerated.  I'm a child of God headed for heaven.  So, what is the difference between me and the hell bound hellion.  I sin. He sins.  One of the primary differences between me and a lost man is that I am disciplined for doing wrong and He will be destroyed for doing wrong.  These are 2 very different things.

Vengeance is ahead for the unregenerate sinner.  Victory is ahead for the regenerate saint.  The Psalmist asked how long the wicked would prosper (Psalm 94:3).  I now ask how long wickedness in general will prosper.  It isn't really the wickedness of the ungodly that bothers me most... it is the wickedness of the godly, particularly my own.  But, Psalm 94:4 points out that unregenerate men can boast freely of their sinful exploits.  On the other hand, we are (or should be) deeply ashamed of ours.  Sinners leap into sin and love it.  Saints lapse into sin and loath it, or we pay a dear price for continuing in it.

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