Monday, July 4, 2016

Monday - Numbers 1 - A Divinely Ordered Census

This census of the 12 tribes of Israel (excluding the tribe of Levi) was ordered by God and was a step in the direction of militarization (the number of soldiers in Israel at that time was 603,550). The nation had not been a fighting people up to this point, but that was about to change. God was indeed going to fight for them as he had done before, but He was also going to fight WITH them. What an honor for God to choose to work with us and through us. It is a blessing when He simply works FOR us, doing what we can't or won't do for ourselves. Yet, for Him to include us! Hey, "We are laborers together with God..." (1 Corinthians 3:9).  What glory!  What privilege!

I find it interesting that the exodus from Egypt represents our "new birth" soul salvation (from sin, Satan and the world). And, just like we have received the free gift of salvation, the Israelites received deliverance freely. But, just like we have battles to fight in the Christian life, even so the Jews had some important battles to fight. They still had to live by faith, but God was giving them some pretty big jobs to do; dangerous, difficult missions that would require extraordinary boldness and power.

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